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Rectangle Storage box With Lock Set of 3 (75x100x150), Rosy

$1,999.00 $1,699.00

Soft ve zarif bahar çiçeklerinden esinlendik. Rosy serisini ekosenin şıklığı ile birleştirerek sizlere sunduk.

* Our products are produced in our factory under hygienic conditions.
* Our products are carefully packaged to reach you without any damage. Set Content: - 3 pcs - Rectangle Box, 75x100x150 mm, Transparent Locked Cover , 1.2 liter

Product Information

Product Code




Units Per Package


Volume Per Package

0,016 m³

Product Weight

1206 gr

Logistics Information

Pallet Size

80mm X 120mm

Pallet Height

185 mm

Number of Items on Pallet

Tanımsız / Undefined

Number of Package on Pallet

Pallet Weight

Tanımsız / Undefined